Rocky Mountain Acumatica Users Group

As you may know the Acumatica User Group is moving to the new Acumatica Community. After October 1, 2020 we will no longer be maintaining the site.

In addition to housing the User Group, the new Acumatica Community will be a one stop shop to access product forums, Acumatica University, find the latest news and announcements, submit product ideas, and much more.

We encourage all user group members to visit the Community and setup your login using the attached instructions. There will also be a Customer Community Overview Webinar on October 6 @ 2pm ET. You can register at:

Feel free to contact us at with any questions about the Acumatica User Group.


The purpose of the Rocky Mountain Acumatica User Group is to provide the premier forum in the region for all users and vendors of Acumatica products and services and in furtherance thereof, to undertake the following:

• Exchange information and ideas concerning the implementation and use of Acumatica products and services

• Support the effective usage of Acumatica products and services

• Create an environment whereby members can get information from Acumatica and other sources with regards to the functionality and use of the software package

• Communicate to Acumatica users in all areas of interest

• Identify and influence future product direction of Acumatica

• Create and maintain a formal user’s group structure that will facilitate the purposes of the RMAUG

• Perform and do any and all such other acts as may be necessary or desirable to carry out the RMAUG Purposes as determined by the Board of Directors (Board)

Intuitive Solutions is sponsoring the startup organizational needs of the Rocky Mountain Acumatica User Group (RMAUG). Ultimately, this user group will be run by end-users and not vendors (as stated in the Articles of Incorporation). Intuitive Solutions anticipates only heading this organization up for one to two years at the most before officially handing off to the end user community with an elected board. However, if the user group appears to not be self-sufficient, we will remain active as long as the community needs our assistance.

We welcome any kind of volunteers during this time, so please contact us directly if you are interested.

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